Welcome to Nutrilife Nutrition

A balanced and proper intake of nutritious food is essential for the overall growth and development of a person. Sometimes, lack of certain nutrients which are seen in locally sourced food are not available to the urbanized population. Drastic shift to junk food and ready to eat food has led to an imbalance in their regular diet which often results in increased risk of diseases during early adulthood. This is where supplementary food comes to the rescue!!Intake of supplementary food addresses the deficiency faced by children and adults alike. When consumed moderately and in right quantity, the result is disease free healthy lifestyle!! So go ahead and start using and see the transformation for yourself.

Nutrilife Nutrition was established in April 2013 with the mission to provide high quality of life through the science of nutrition. Nutrilife Nutrition is committed to improving the quality of life through product innovation & high quality nutritional supplements.

Our RO is located at Park Town, Chennai, Tamilnadu.

Our Values

  • Provide product& services of high quality
  • Achieving customer satisfaction is fundamental to our business
  • Manage our operation with high concern for safety & environment
  • We focus on providing nutritionally beneficial supplements that are completely distinctive and 100% reliable.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inculcate a well-balanced diet, take steps towards prevention of diseases caused due to lack of nutritious food and to ensure your health is in safe hands.

Our Vision

Our vision is to produce safe, superior quality supplementary food that is equally beneficial for lactating moms and young children.